Monday, May 23, 2011

Autumn, Winter time for going within.

Namaste everyone,

Again I am surprised that it has been so long since i have written. Life has been busy since the last blog. In Feburary i spent time in India and Nepal for 5 weeks and that was an amazing trip, when with Lama Tender on a Spiritual pilgrimage with a group of 16 people, so ther was a lot of learning, fun and laughter as well as challenges, sadness and occasionally tears. But all in all an amazing and inspiring trip.

Back home in March and then it was time to get into my garden which had been a little bit let go in one of them, however it was good to pull weeds and go into a meditation with the awareness that as you garden and pull the weeds you are releasing old thoughts from the mind as they can be weeds in the mind filling the quiet spaces until we have no quietness or calm within the mind. Always busy, busy.

Also i am now back into taking bookings for massage, yoga classes and women's circle work.
so all is going well. The womens circle is going great and we all have a very enjoyable night sharing and connecting with each other.
Yoga is on Tuesday nights with a four week health, wellbeing and yoga as well as wednesday morning and that is with the same theme but goes for 7 weeks.

Whats happening in the garden at the moment is that Rod is busy harvesting our olives and so far he has picked 7kg and they are marinating at the moment, so in about 2 months we will be able to sample this years amazing harvest!! Delicious!!

Vegie patch i have planted some winter vegies such as broccoli, snow peas, beetroot, onions, kale, still getting some tomatoes although not as delicious as summer but they are still going. Also have a lot of lettuces in and growing well and have a great dandelion patch happening.

Well i am now off to drop off some business cards then back to a client, then yoga tonight.
Everyone have a great day and hopefully i wont leave it as long next time.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Summer, Solstice and Christmas

It has been a long time since the last entry and what a busy time as well....things to let go of, things that are new and have started. Not sure what happened to Spring and getting on here and writing about it, time is speeding up and as it does we need to be slowing down and enjoying nature.

Have been in the vegie patch and planting for Summer abundance, the seedlings that were little are now growing very well. We have corn, lettuce, tomatoes, eggplants, peas, strawberries, artichokes (marinated them for the first time and in a few months they will be ready to eat!!). Have also planted some berries, a few different tree fruits like goji, and also some nut trees almonds, walnuts, so it will be interesting to see how they go over the next few years. Our little orchard is coming along nicely with lots of fruit on the trees....apricots, peaches, apples, lemons, nectarines and plums. Looking forward to harvesting it all.
On another note over the last 6 months i started a women's spiritual journey and we have just had our last meeting for the year....i must say it was an amazing experience and a joy to be able to facilitate a wonderful group of very special women who are committed to their spiritual growth. We had fun, sharing, chanting, meditating and learning a lot of different things and i thank them all for their committment.
We will begin again in March 2011 for our next journey towards light and love for ourselves and others.
Also before this year ends there will be a Summer Solstice Ceremony here at the Studio and it is open to all, it is a time of honouring the abundance of summer, family, is a time of give away - giving away a part of you and then bringing in the new for the year to come. Looking at what you have bought into your life over the last 12 months and what you would like to bring in for the next 12 months,. It will be a night of fun, laughter, ceremony, chanting and sharing.
hope to see some of you here for the celebration.
There is Summer yoga starting 4th Jan. Tuesday night 6.30pm and Wed morning 5th Jan 9.30am if anyone would like to join me for 5 weeks.
Massage, Tarot readings and healings are beginning back then as well, so if you would like a session in any of these please phone to book a time.
Everyone have a great Christmas, a wonderful fun summer and a beautiful new year. Remember in times of busyness make the time to stop and smell the roses!!
love and light
sue 0417 057 667

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

winter stillness

Hi everyone,

Well i must say that it has been a long time since my last entry......i usually teach yoga on a tuesday night, however tonight everyone called in sick so that made no class which meant i had time for catch up on some things that i havent looked at for awhile.
As i sit and type this i am listening to the frogs in the back pond and am aware of the wonderful stillness that is in the air and as i walked back from the studio there was this amazing crispness in the air and a certain peacefulness that makes you stop and breathe in deeply that certain quietness.
A lot has happened over the last 6 months......have been very busy with family and not so much with work although i have run a few workshops and an Hawaiian lomilomi training which was fantastic. Have another training coming up in September, so i am in the prep stages of putting all my manuals together.

Winter has been a time of reflection on all that i do and it also is a time of shows us if we stop and take the time to be still, we are then able to acknowledge all that is in our lives and what we are grateful for.

Here at the studio a group of us gathered and celebrated winter solstice an amazing night of coming together with like minded people. A time where we are able to use the energy of the Solstice to let go and be open to the new beginnings that are coming in at the Spring equinox.
A time of meditation and contemplation on all that has gone on in our lives over the last 12 months. We all had a great time together.

Yoga has slowed a bit....however that is what the energy is in winter, time to curl up by the fire, read a book, have a cuppa and rest so that we have the energy to come back out into the busyiness of our lives in Spring and Summer.

What is happening at the Studio over the next few months is:

Sunday August 8th: Lama Tendar, a Tibetan monk is coming and doing a talk, chanting and meditation afternoon. Begins at 2pm and finishes 4pm. Cost is $20 Bookings are necessary so please phone me if you would like to join us or there is information in the store.

September: Hawaiian lomilomi training, this is a 4.5day training and you will be a certified lomilomi practitioner after this. Great to add to other healing modalities or if you are looking for a new career.

Anyway i hope i wont leave it so long next time and always drop into the store on thursdays as i am there and would love to chat or email me if interested in anything that we do here at the studio.

Take it easy and will chat soon. Remember to take time each day to be in the moment and breathe!!

love and light

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Been a while since i have written and so much has been happening.....xmas has passed and it was a wonderful time spent with family and friends. We have been renovating a room here at the Studio, it once was an office and now we have created a reading room where students, clients and really anyone who visits can go and rest, read, have a cuppa or just be. We can also incorporate a tarot reading if any one wishes. It is a lovely quiet room looking out onto our cottage garden.

Also what has been going on is a lot of preserving....Rod has been preserving peaches, apricot, plums and nectarines....they are all amazing, also he has been making some wonderful jam!! We have been indulging in this a bit.

Our vegie patch and orchard has once again provided us with abundance with which we are very grateful...we have had an abundance of delicious corn, beans, lettuce, cucumbers and we are still waiting for the tomatoes to ripen, they are nearly the moment there is an abundance of green ones so once they are ripe we will be making tomato sauce, paste, and eating many with some scrumptious basil pesto all from our garden!!

Yoga is back this week after a break over jan and looking forward to getting into teaching, also coming up are a few different workshops.
Sat 20th feb is a dream board workshop where you can create your magical future.

March 20th 21st is our Goddess 2 day retreat where we will be nurturing our inner goddess and having some fun.

Also coming up later into term 2 is a Hawaiian lomilomi training this will be great!!

For more information on these workshops please email or phone....Sue on 0417 057 667 5989.8091 or you can call into the health store and check out the notice board all brochures are put there.

Anyway must go and looking after my beautiful grandson and am going to have a fun day.

see you all soon

sue xx

Friday, November 20, 2009


Ever thought ironing was boring.... or meditation a challenge. I did once, then after being taught yoga and a new way of looking at things i have found ironing a wonderful meditation tool.

It can be an easy way of allowing the mind to sort through all the daily activities that you have done or it can be a place where you come up with creative ideas....this is how i now find my ironing time to be. Just today as i was ironing i began by looking out over my beautiful orchard and see the baby apples starting on the trees, watching the grey clouds come in and watch with joy that some rain is coming. This brings me into the present moment of looking and appreciating what is in my life all the abundance that is there everyday if we take the time to look and be with life. Then i begin to observe my mind and my breath...seeing where my thoughts are taking my awareness then i come back to my breath and know that as i iron i am being of service to my wonderful family....this is called ironing with i am aware of my thoughts and my breath plus not allowing myself to get caught in my thoughts, i find that there are little spaces of peace and quiet that begin to appear....i breathe in deep and let go and it feels sooo good to have this space. Then all of a sudden new creative ideas begin to flow...ideas for different workshops, ideas for ads, for this website, ideas of doing tarot via email, for yoga classes and my clients. Ideas to assist people in wellbeing and becoming aware of who they are.

It is an amazing unfolding experience....and all this is happening whilst i am ironing.!!
So if you find ironing a chore or a bore...then why not try my ironing meditation and allow yourself to gain benefit of peace of mind by the time you finish your ironing!

This ironing meditation blog came from when i was ironing 20 minutes ago. If anyone does give this a go and i know someone will, dop me a line and share your experience with me. I am very interested in the outcome.

Thanks for reading and trying, now i am back to my ironing.

Many blessings and love

Sue xxx

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lots of things are happening here at the studio...have had a womens nurturing day with lots of lovely ladies joining us in this was a day of beauty, rest, and revitalization.
I have had a couple of wonderful trips away....which allows us to come back refreshed and ready for Christmas.

We are having at the studio on December 22nd Tuesday night a Summer solstice will be a time of sharing and being in gratitude of all the abundance that Summer brings and also allowing ourselves some time out to review the past year, refresh the body, mind and soul and also to connect to the spirit of Christmas. In this 2hour event we will be experiencing relaxation, chanting, meditation and also a giveaway ceremony....this night will be a lot of fun. For more information ph: sue 0417 057 667 or email

Have just had a beautiful walk on the peaceful Pt.Leo beach with the sun shining and the water calm....just being down here on the beach brings peace and beauty to the soul.

Came back and then spent a few moments in the garden....weeding. planting seedlings for more summer crops and watering....the garden has had a huge overhall and looks great at the moment.

Am now off to teach some wonderful ladies yoga for rest and is a fantastic time of year and a most wonderful day!!

many blessings and abundance to all who read this.

sue xx

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

day at the studio

have had a busy day, have planted seedlings and rejuvinated the vegie in a few months we will have a great abundance of beautiful chemically free summer vegies.
Have collected the eggs from our four girls and they are laying well...they are very happy wandering the garden and eating all the grubs, keeping the garden free from wandering invaders.

Yoga starts back this week, another great term of allowing people to experience wellbeing and balance in their body, mind and soul.
Massage has been very busy again assisting people to understand what wellbeing is all about.
On the weekend had a great day facilitating the womens day that was held here at the Studio, a day of rest, relaxation and joy!!!! More of those to come next year as we assist women to become in touch with who they are by having a day of sharing and fun.

Must go as i am about to teach yoga and enjoy this amazing spring of beautiful rain and glorious sun!!
Everyone have fun and joy!