Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lots of things are happening here at the studio...have had a womens nurturing day with lots of lovely ladies joining us in this workshop...it was a day of beauty, rest, and revitalization.
I have had a couple of wonderful trips away....which allows us to come back refreshed and ready for Christmas.

We are having at the studio on December 22nd Tuesday night a Summer solstice ceremony....it will be a time of sharing and being in gratitude of all the abundance that Summer brings and also allowing ourselves some time out to review the past year, refresh the body, mind and soul and also to connect to the spirit of Christmas. In this 2hour event we will be experiencing relaxation, chanting, meditation and also a giveaway ceremony....this night will be a lot of fun. For more information ph: sue 0417 057 667 or email sourcehealthholistic@gmail.com

Have just had a beautiful walk on the peaceful Pt.Leo beach with the sun shining and the water calm....just being down here on the beach brings peace and beauty to the soul.

Came back and then spent a few moments in the garden....weeding. planting seedlings for more summer crops and watering....the garden has had a huge overhall and looks great at the moment.

Am now off to teach some wonderful ladies yoga for rest and renewal.....it is a fantastic time of year and a most wonderful day!!

many blessings and abundance to all who read this.

sue xx

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