Monday, May 23, 2011

Autumn, Winter time for going within.

Namaste everyone,

Again I am surprised that it has been so long since i have written. Life has been busy since the last blog. In Feburary i spent time in India and Nepal for 5 weeks and that was an amazing trip, when with Lama Tender on a Spiritual pilgrimage with a group of 16 people, so ther was a lot of learning, fun and laughter as well as challenges, sadness and occasionally tears. But all in all an amazing and inspiring trip.

Back home in March and then it was time to get into my garden which had been a little bit let go in one of them, however it was good to pull weeds and go into a meditation with the awareness that as you garden and pull the weeds you are releasing old thoughts from the mind as they can be weeds in the mind filling the quiet spaces until we have no quietness or calm within the mind. Always busy, busy.

Also i am now back into taking bookings for massage, yoga classes and women's circle work.
so all is going well. The womens circle is going great and we all have a very enjoyable night sharing and connecting with each other.
Yoga is on Tuesday nights with a four week health, wellbeing and yoga as well as wednesday morning and that is with the same theme but goes for 7 weeks.

Whats happening in the garden at the moment is that Rod is busy harvesting our olives and so far he has picked 7kg and they are marinating at the moment, so in about 2 months we will be able to sample this years amazing harvest!! Delicious!!

Vegie patch i have planted some winter vegies such as broccoli, snow peas, beetroot, onions, kale, still getting some tomatoes although not as delicious as summer but they are still going. Also have a lot of lettuces in and growing well and have a great dandelion patch happening.

Well i am now off to drop off some business cards then back to a client, then yoga tonight.
Everyone have a great day and hopefully i wont leave it as long next time.


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