Friday, November 20, 2009


Ever thought ironing was boring.... or meditation a challenge. I did once, then after being taught yoga and a new way of looking at things i have found ironing a wonderful meditation tool.

It can be an easy way of allowing the mind to sort through all the daily activities that you have done or it can be a place where you come up with creative ideas....this is how i now find my ironing time to be. Just today as i was ironing i began by looking out over my beautiful orchard and see the baby apples starting on the trees, watching the grey clouds come in and watch with joy that some rain is coming. This brings me into the present moment of looking and appreciating what is in my life all the abundance that is there everyday if we take the time to look and be with life. Then i begin to observe my mind and my breath...seeing where my thoughts are taking my awareness then i come back to my breath and know that as i iron i am being of service to my wonderful family....this is called ironing with i am aware of my thoughts and my breath plus not allowing myself to get caught in my thoughts, i find that there are little spaces of peace and quiet that begin to appear....i breathe in deep and let go and it feels sooo good to have this space. Then all of a sudden new creative ideas begin to flow...ideas for different workshops, ideas for ads, for this website, ideas of doing tarot via email, for yoga classes and my clients. Ideas to assist people in wellbeing and becoming aware of who they are.

It is an amazing unfolding experience....and all this is happening whilst i am ironing.!!
So if you find ironing a chore or a bore...then why not try my ironing meditation and allow yourself to gain benefit of peace of mind by the time you finish your ironing!

This ironing meditation blog came from when i was ironing 20 minutes ago. If anyone does give this a go and i know someone will, dop me a line and share your experience with me. I am very interested in the outcome.

Thanks for reading and trying, now i am back to my ironing.

Many blessings and love

Sue xxx

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