Friday, November 20, 2009


Ever thought ironing was boring.... or meditation a challenge. I did once, then after being taught yoga and a new way of looking at things i have found ironing a wonderful meditation tool.

It can be an easy way of allowing the mind to sort through all the daily activities that you have done or it can be a place where you come up with creative ideas....this is how i now find my ironing time to be. Just today as i was ironing i began by looking out over my beautiful orchard and see the baby apples starting on the trees, watching the grey clouds come in and watch with joy that some rain is coming. This brings me into the present moment of looking and appreciating what is in my life all the abundance that is there everyday if we take the time to look and be with life. Then i begin to observe my mind and my breath...seeing where my thoughts are taking my awareness then i come back to my breath and know that as i iron i am being of service to my wonderful family....this is called ironing with i am aware of my thoughts and my breath plus not allowing myself to get caught in my thoughts, i find that there are little spaces of peace and quiet that begin to appear....i breathe in deep and let go and it feels sooo good to have this space. Then all of a sudden new creative ideas begin to flow...ideas for different workshops, ideas for ads, for this website, ideas of doing tarot via email, for yoga classes and my clients. Ideas to assist people in wellbeing and becoming aware of who they are.

It is an amazing unfolding experience....and all this is happening whilst i am ironing.!!
So if you find ironing a chore or a bore...then why not try my ironing meditation and allow yourself to gain benefit of peace of mind by the time you finish your ironing!

This ironing meditation blog came from when i was ironing 20 minutes ago. If anyone does give this a go and i know someone will, dop me a line and share your experience with me. I am very interested in the outcome.

Thanks for reading and trying, now i am back to my ironing.

Many blessings and love

Sue xxx

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lots of things are happening here at the studio...have had a womens nurturing day with lots of lovely ladies joining us in this was a day of beauty, rest, and revitalization.
I have had a couple of wonderful trips away....which allows us to come back refreshed and ready for Christmas.

We are having at the studio on December 22nd Tuesday night a Summer solstice will be a time of sharing and being in gratitude of all the abundance that Summer brings and also allowing ourselves some time out to review the past year, refresh the body, mind and soul and also to connect to the spirit of Christmas. In this 2hour event we will be experiencing relaxation, chanting, meditation and also a giveaway ceremony....this night will be a lot of fun. For more information ph: sue 0417 057 667 or email

Have just had a beautiful walk on the peaceful Pt.Leo beach with the sun shining and the water calm....just being down here on the beach brings peace and beauty to the soul.

Came back and then spent a few moments in the garden....weeding. planting seedlings for more summer crops and watering....the garden has had a huge overhall and looks great at the moment.

Am now off to teach some wonderful ladies yoga for rest and is a fantastic time of year and a most wonderful day!!

many blessings and abundance to all who read this.

sue xx

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

day at the studio

have had a busy day, have planted seedlings and rejuvinated the vegie in a few months we will have a great abundance of beautiful chemically free summer vegies.
Have collected the eggs from our four girls and they are laying well...they are very happy wandering the garden and eating all the grubs, keeping the garden free from wandering invaders.

Yoga starts back this week, another great term of allowing people to experience wellbeing and balance in their body, mind and soul.
Massage has been very busy again assisting people to understand what wellbeing is all about.
On the weekend had a great day facilitating the womens day that was held here at the Studio, a day of rest, relaxation and joy!!!! More of those to come next year as we assist women to become in touch with who they are by having a day of sharing and fun.

Must go as i am about to teach yoga and enjoy this amazing spring of beautiful rain and glorious sun!!
Everyone have fun and joy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

POINT LEO HOLISTIC STUDIO – where head, heart and hands join together.

Point Leo Holistic Studio allows you to step from the busy world into a healing oasis of peace and tranquillity. This boutique studio is situated on the beautiful mornington peninsula at Point Leo and is in the heartland of the famous wineries, cafes, art galleries, golf courses and beaches of the peninsula.

Point Leo holistic studio caters for individual service, with no big crowds, no traffic noise only the sounds of nature. At the Studio we assist clients to let go of their stress and tension through a variety of healing modalities and allowing them to experience peace, tranquillity and balance throughout their whole body. By experiencing a session you leave the studio with a sense of complete wellbeing.

The Studio is set amongst cottage gardens and is only a 5 minute stroll to the pristine, peaceful Pt. Leo beach.
Bring harmony into you life by experiencing one or more of our services, we specialise in Hawaiian Temple lomilomi massage, Aromatherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and card readings.
In the warmer months you can experience your session in a secluded outdoor courtyard, imagine being massaged under the shade of a market umbrella listening to the gentle sounds of nature.

The Point Leo Holistic Studio works in conjunction with the Hastings Health Store as we are a family based business working together with the community aiming to bring health and wellbeing awareness to our clients and customers.
My daughter Shar and her husband Ben manager the Health store and service the community with knowledge and practical advise on all sorts of health queries from physical ailments to eating the right sort of foods that assist in wellbeing of the body.

Point Leo Holistic Studio is built on part of the 3 acres of land and joined to our family home creating the shape of the baqwau which is part of the feng shui system to bring in energy and harmonise all that come into our home.
Apart from having the Studio here, we have built different garden spaces where clients can wander after a massage, some of these spaces are a moon garden, each garden bed is in a shape of the phase of the moon, an orchard, a large vegie patch, a chook pen, a citrus garden and a natural rock river bed.
My husband Rod is the builder and inspirer of all these creations, and we work together in maintaining all these wonderful gardens so our friends and family can enjoy these spaces.
All our gardens are designed with the permaculture principles always in mind, our vegies and fruits are grown with no chemicals used, we use organic pest control and companion planting. There is nothing better than to go and pick your own dinner from your garden or eat a fresh ripe apricot straight from the tree warmed from the sun. We are always in the learning stages with our gardens as each year is never the same as the year before with produce….so there is always more to learn and apply. Every day there is always something happening in our garden, whether it is pulling weeds, planting seedlings, applying mulch, pruning or sitting with a cup of herbal tea and enjoying the sound of the buzzing bees hard at work or the stillness and quietness that exists in nature.

The services that we offer here at Point Leo holistic studio range from Yoga classes – group or private, Hawaiian Temple lomilomi massage, Aromatherapy massage, Reiki healing or if you feel inclined to delve into a card reading there is Tarot or Angel cards.

At certain times of the year we also have different trainings and gatherings happening at the Studio such as: Hawaiian Temple lomilomi training, Women’s day retreats, Yoga relax days., Reiki trainings.
We also hire the Studio out for spiritual trainings or workshops.