Tuesday, October 6, 2009

day at the studio

have had a busy day, have planted seedlings and rejuvinated the vegie patch...so in a few months we will have a great abundance of beautiful chemically free summer vegies.
Have collected the eggs from our four girls and they are laying well...they are very happy wandering the garden and eating all the grubs, keeping the garden free from wandering invaders.

Yoga starts back this week, another great term of allowing people to experience wellbeing and balance in their body, mind and soul.
Massage has been very busy again assisting people to understand what wellbeing is all about.
On the weekend had a great day facilitating the womens day that was held here at the Studio, a day of rest, relaxation and joy!!!! More of those to come next year as we assist women to become in touch with who they are by having a day of sharing and fun.

Must go as i am about to teach yoga and enjoy this amazing spring day...one of beautiful rain and glorious sun!!
Everyone have fun and joy!